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Hubert Water Hauling Service L.L.C.
Water Hauling in Belleville IL

Water Hauling in Belleville and Surrounding Metro-East Area.

Areas of Expertise

Water Hauling

When you need water, we’re here to help! We provide experienced water hauling services for wells, cisterns, pools, hot tubs, and much more!

Wells & Cisterns

Our team has the experience and skills needed to transport water and fill wells and cisterns for commercial, residential, and industrial customers.

Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

Are you opening a new pool or hot tub? How will you fill it? Talk to us about your options for water hauling services when it comes to pools and hot tubs!

Your Choice for Water Hauling in Belleville, Smithton, and throughout the Metro East!

Inground pools or above-ground pools.  Linered pools or concrete pools. Intex pools or air-ringed pools.  Big or small, we fill them all and FAST. If you are just opening your pool for the summer or you are getting a brand new pool installed, just contact us!  Whether you live in town or out of town, we can be of service to you with either a couple of loads or many loads. If you call ahead to set up an appointment, we can be there to get your pool filled quickly. Customers who rely on wells for their water supply have found out that having us top off or completely fill their pools works much better than running their well dry and risking damage to their pump.  Also, some wells are high in iron and this can end up staining your brand-new liner or concrete floor.

Hubert Water Hauling Service L.L.C. hauls only clean chlorinated water that comes from one of the area’s local water plants e.g. Illinois American Water or whatever plant is closest to your residence. We have five trucks, all with stainless steel tanks, to haul your drinking water or pool water, thereby ensuring you have clean, clear water.  All of our trucks are set up to deliver your water directly into your well, cistern, or pool or they are equipped with 200’ of 3” suction hose and pumps to fill from a distance. This process takes about an hour round trip per load and your pool may need several loads, so if we have a second truck available, we will put two trucks on your pool to get it done super quick. We do not deliver water in Missouri.

Water Hauler Smithton IL
Water Delivery near Smithton IL

We Haul Water For:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Wells
  • Cisterns
  • Hot Tubs
  • Ponds / Storage Tank Filling
  • Dunk Booth Tanks / Storage Tank Filling
  • Sewer Flushing & Testing / Sod Spraying
  • Pressure Testing / Soil Compaction
  • Any Event Needing Potable Water

Hubert Water Hauling Service L.L.C. is used by the area’s top pool companies:

  • Munie Leisure Center
  • AquaWorks
  • Leisure Time Pools
  • Custom Pools
  • Destination Pools
  • Altered Grounds
  • Heintz Pools
  • Weilbacher Pools
  • Swimmers Delight
  • American Pools
  • Schneider Pools
  • Nature’s Recreation
  • LeBruns Pools
  • Mike’s Pools
  • McClure-Davison Pools
  • Watkin’s Pools
  • Atlantis Pools
  • Wilson’s Pools

In need of professional water hauling services? You’re on the right page!

With a trained team of professionals and years of experience, we provide water hauling services to customers in Belleville, Smithton, and throughout the surrounding communities in Madison, Monroe, Randolph, and St. Clair counties.

About Hubert Water Hauling Service, LLC

Hubert Water Hauling Service L.L.C. is a family-owned and operated business that started in 1980. With over 35 years of experience, our company has grown to offer services to commercial and residential customers including water pumping, gravity filling, and other water hauling services. We’re committed to the very best in customer service and the highest in water quality for all customers that we serve. Please see our service pages for more detailed information about all that we can do for you!